Project Scout | Board Tracker | Tribute to the Legend | Terrebonne, QC


Indian Motorcycle’s First Ever Global Custom Scout Dealer Contest


Indian Motorcycle dealers around the world were showcasing their passion for the brand and their team’s talent by competing in Project Scout. This custom dealer contest has no rules or restrictions on bike theme, cost or build style.

The only parameters required were utilizing a 2016 Indian Scout model and a minimum of three Indian Scout accessories.

Top winner – Board Tracker Tribute to the Legend – Terrebonne, QC 


This bike is a tribute to the legendary Scout who used to race on Board track. White tires mounted on 26 inch wheels gives an antique look to this historic motorcycle. Cope pipes and wood imitation seat recall the 1920 – 1927 models.



We have included many names Jack Daniel’s because we wanted commemorate their 150th anniversary and 115th anniversary of Indian Motorcycle.



The footrest, number plate and handle are worked in high quality white oak. We wanted this Scout custom to remind you good memories and encourages you to learn more about the history of the iconic brand.


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