Extreme 45 Flathead Custom

With Fine Metal Work By Ewing Customs
By Wrench with photos by John Leach of CCI and Josh Ewing
6/11/2010 –


Bandit gave the entire staff books on grammar, spelling and punctuation. Whatta mess that caused. Every grammar book handles the topics differently. We couldn’t get it right before, and now we argue about the varied grammatical codes and still get it wrong. That’s not the case in the world of metal work. You either get it right the first time or keep hammering and welding until it’s correct. They’re only various levels of correctness, no rules. As a kid, with three brothers and no parents into bikes or hot rods, Josh Ewing drug a 220 Volt extension cord through his bedroom window, into his Tacoma, Washington, kitchen, pushed the electric stove out of the way and plugged in his stick welder. “I fired it up,” Josh said, “and it dimmed all the lights in my folks’ house.”

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From rust to gold: The Gasbox Norton Dominator


We love a good barn find story, but stories of wrecks transformed into custom gold are even better. This particular tale comes from Jesse Bassett, one of the finest motorcycle builders in the American Midwest. Jesse started his career sweeping floors in a custom shop when he was just ten years old. Today he’s famous for running The Gasbox, and he usually has a dozen bikes in his Cleveland shop at any one time. Occasionally something extra special comes along, like this Norton Dominator.

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