Alp Sungurtekin – Vintage Triumph 175 plus mph Record-Setting Run



We are a proud sponsor of land speed racer Alp Sungurtekin. Alp hit an all time high speed record setting run on his 650cc pre-unit Triumph at El Mirage this past November 14th, 2015. The record he set is an amazing 175.625 mph two-way average on a 1950’s pre-unit Triumph! El Mirage is a standing 1.3 mile course, meaning Alp and his Triumph went from 0 to 175.625 mph in 1.3 miles! Alp continues to push the limits and races with the passion to be on top not only in vintage Triumph, but motorcycle land speed racing in general, regardless of make and model. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with in the next up and coming race seasons.

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The Dream Roll | Girls Just Want to Have Fun


The Dream Roll

Photo by: Brigade Visual Support

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